Steve Medina

Investor Friendly Realtor

Steve Medina is real estate investor and became an Investor Friendly REALTOR® who’s passion for real estate investing to build wealth and his passion for helping and educating others how to succeed in their wealth building journey.

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I’m really convinced about the power of real estate to make a big difference, and I’m not just looking out for myself. I’m also dedicated to helping others find their way to financial success. My main goal is to inspire you and give you practical advice if you’re thinking about getting into real estate.

As I’ve gone through my own journey, I’ve realized that knowledge is super valuable when you share it. That’s why I’m determined to share what I know. I’m here to be a reliable guide, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been working in real estate for a while. I hope that the information I share can help you confidently navigate your own path to success.

Steve and his wife Linda live in Northern Colorado and enjoy the outdoors and get out and hike, Jeep, stand up paddle boarding and have three young adult children in Colorado.

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