Jeff White

Investor Friendly Realtor

Jeff is our House Hacking Specialist and Realtor at Envision Advisors. He is passionate about helping first-time homeowners, house hackers, and seasoned-investors purchase properties. He enjoys utilizing creative strategies to maximize rental income in a competitive Denver metro market to achieve better than average returns. He is also the co-host of the House Hacking Mastermind Podcast and the new House Hacking Ride Along Series.

More On Jeff

Jeff is a Denver native and real estate investor who graduated from CU Boulder with a degree in Finance. He has lived in Denver ever since, and couldn’t see himself living anywhere else! His own house hacking journey started in 2017 with a purchase of a 4 unit property, and he’s been repeating the process ever since with single-family homes that are split like duplexes. He’s currently on his 5th house hack and gearing up for the 6th one in the spring of 2022! For Jeff, house hacking is hands down the easiest way to financial independence.

Except for living in a van, he’s done every house hacking strategy: multifamily, rent by the room, renting out whole units, Section 8, and Airbnb.

Outside of real estate, Jeff enjoys spending time with his fiance, traveling the world, working out, playing softball, painting landscapes, and learning new things on podcasts and books to become a better professional and person.

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