Chris Lopez

Founder, Envision Advisors

I have dedicated my life to helping investors build wealth through real estate. By documenting my own journey, I’ve built a platform to inform and educate investors of all experience levels. 

Real estate is my passion, and I’ve surrounded myself with like-minded people who can help you get to your real estate goals. 

Host & Producer at Bigger Pockets Shows: House Hackerz, Multi Family Mentors, and Real Estate Ride Alongs

Founder & Host at The Denver Investment Real Estate Podcast 

My Background

I became interested in creating residual income after reading Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and Robert Allen’s “Multiple Streams of Income” books during my sophomore year at Virginia Tech University. The books started me on a journey of building businesses to create residual income. 

By the time I graduated, my first business was generating enough residual income that I didn’t have to get a job!

Not needing a job set me on a very different journey than most graduates. I spent my time learning from others and learning how to invest. My first focus was the stock market and foreign exchange markets. After a couple of years of mediocre returns, I realized it was time to change my focus. I came to the conclusion that the stock market is still a great investment but passive investing in index funds is the way to go, and diversification is important.

I then turned my attention to real estate.

The very first real estate investment I made was a fix and flip in Denver. I made money but realized flipping was not for me. Then an opportunity materialized with a friend who is a very successful flipper, investor, and wholesaler in Las Vegas to shift his lead generation to the Internet. I jumped at the opportunity. Long story short, I realized it wasn’t for me, and it’s incredibly hard to grow and scale that type of business.

The main issue with flipping and wholesaling is that they are not geared towards long term investing. My number one goal was to learn real estate investing to acquire a cash flowing rental portfolio to achieve financial freedom.

After this realization, I started seeking out mentors. Fortunately, I connected with Charles Roberts. He ended up being a great mentor and opening up his network in Denver to me. His mentorship and guidance changed the trajectory of my investing and business plans.

Fast forward to today…

I’m an active investor currently acquiring residential rental properties in Denver, CO to achieve my long term goal of $20,000/mo in rents. For all the details on my investing strategy and goals, read my chapter in our annual Guide to Colorado Real Estate Investing Strategies book.

As an Investor Friendly Realtor, I focus on helping people create their investing strategies, putting the plan in action, and then helping people optimize their rental portfolio.

As the host of the Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast, I keep the Denver real estate investing community up to date on everything related to investing here in Denver. It’s hyper-local! Plus, I love to learn by deconstructing what successful people have done.

As the Founder of Envision Advisors at Your Castle Real Estate, my goal is to build a new type of real estate firm. One designed to help you envision and execute your path to financial freedom in the Denver and Colorado Springs real estate markets.


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