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Envision your path to financial freedom and we’ll be the team that helps you achieve your long-term goals of passive income and wealth building. 

We've helped over 300 investors close on properties that meet their goals.

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Colorado's Premier Team

Our Investor Friendly Realtors Division represents our existing core business that assists our clients in buying and selling investment properties in Denver and the Springs. 

Our specialties are single family rentals (houses, condos, townhomes) and multi-family. Traditional landlord investors, house hackers, and Nomads™ are our clients.

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Our Process

The value we offer to our clients goes beyond just helping them find and purchase a rental property. Our unique client onboarding process helps you create and execute your investing strategy.

Learning and getting into real estate investing is often a scattered and confusing journey. Our process brings clarity. Most importantly, it gets results by finding and closing on rental properties then regularly revisiting and optimizing your portfolio in pursuit of financial independence.



Discovery Call

This is a short exploratory phone call to introduce yourself and your goals.  We want to get to know you, learn what your investing situation is and how we may be able to work together.


Strategy Preparation

This is your homework before the investment strategy consultation. It typically includes answering a few questions around your finances and goals and reviewing educational materials. This prep work leads to a productive investment strategy consultation.


Investment Strategy Consultation

You and the team will sit down to discuss your goals, answer your questions, and clarify your long-term investing strategy. You’ll walk away with a clear action plan.


Onboarding Process

The rubber meets the road in our onboarding process since we’re going from strategy to walking properties. Our onboarding process typically focuses on:

  • Establish a relationship with a lender and getting a preapproval (or a proof of funds if you’re using cash).
    Establishing our working relationship.
  • There is no better way to learn the market than by analyzing and walking properties. Our team will help you learn how to underwrite properties and what to look for when walking properties.
  • As we walk and analyze properties, you’ll hit a tipping point that makes you feel confident and clarifies the type of property, location and desired return.


Find an Investment Property

At this point, you and our team are dialed in and on the same page. It’s time to start the hunt! We’ll keep analyzing and walking properties until we find one that passes the “sniff test.” You’ll never have all the facts and details on a property before submitting an offer to buy it. We focus on making sure properties pass our “sniff test.” If it does, we put an offer in and hopefully get it under contract.


Under Contract

The due diligence phase of the contract is where we’ll help you peel back the onion to get as many details about the property as possible. As we gather all the information, we’ll do a final underwriting of the property to make sure it’s the right fit for you.



Congratulations when you make it to the closing table! We try to provide closing gifts that are useful. Don’t expect a bottle of wine and a cute cutting board from us. Rather, you can expect a lease (standard or room-by-room) drafted by our lawyer if you’re self-managing. If you’re house hacking, we’ll connect you with our house hacking coach who can help you set up your house hack and get it rented. We’ll also sit down and do a portfolio analysis with you as well which is the ultimate closing gift!


Portfolio Analysis

During your first portfolio analysis meeting, our team will start building out your real estate portfolio spreadsheet. This is our custom built spreadsheet designed to start tracking the performance of your properties and your journey for achieving your long term cash flow goal. Plus a whole lot more!


To Sum it Up

Our process has been carefully developed and perfected to maximize success for our clients. We have found that by following these steps, our clients can successfully transition from passive learner to active real estate investor.

Meet Our Team

You may be familiar with the traditional model where a single person (the agent) is a very impressive one-person show who must be skilled at organization, negotiating, writing contracts, etc. In the investing world, there’s even more to do! One must network to source deals, analyze properties, confirm rents, and many other things. This setup is outdated and inefficient. It is impossible for one person to be an expert at every stage of the process.

We subscribe to the divide and conquer strategy which is why we’ve built a highly skilled team with each person working in their sphere of expertise. It allows every team member to double down and focus on their strengths and in turn, leads to an exceptional team of All-Star real estate professionals for you, the client.

From the agents that are involved in your first discovery call with us to our contract specialist, our lender partners and our portfolio advisors, everyone is working efficiently and effectively within their specific wheelhouse to get you to the closing table. 

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Our Services

Our Investor Friendly Realtors are knowledgeable in the various techniques listed and work with our clients to help them determine and implement the strategy that suits their needs and goals.

  • Short or long term renters 
  • Tenants/renters help subsidize mortgage  
  • Owner occupant
  • Multiple living spaces
  • Tenants/roommates help subsidize mortgage  
  • Purchase multi-unit buildings for short or long term rent
  • Use the proceeds from a property sale to reinvest into another property tax free 
  • Improve the interior or exterior of a property to increase the sale price 
  • Goal is to maximize the returns from investing on property improvements 
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